Pantages Theater

July 24, 2016 Napoleon 15

The Pantages Theatre in Hollywood located at Hollywood Boulevard and Vine is one of Los Angeles’ leading venues for live performances. The five highest grossing […]

Victoria Gardens

March 26, 2016 Napoleon 13

Victoria Gardens is a shopping mall in Rancho Cucamonga. The mall is open air and built like a downtown area; it is pedestrian-oriented, a mixed […]

Geffen Playhouse

March 20, 2016 Napoleon 9

If you want to see a play with well-known film and television actors in their productions, the Geffen Playhouse is the theater to go. The […]

LA Live

February 21, 2016 Napoleon 7

LA Live is a dining and entertainment center of Downtown Los Angeles. It is composed of dining, ballrooms,, bars, concert theaters, apartments and movie theaters. […]