Farmer Boys

DSCN0074Farmer Boys is a fast food restaurant in California and Nevada but most of its outlet is found in the Inland Empire (San Bernardino and Riverside County) region of Southern California. I went to their Irwindale California location to try them.
DECOR: The decor motif is country with whimsical decor pieces. Furniture is mostly oak.
FOOD: They have breakfast plates and breakfast on the run which are served all day, hamburgers, sandwiches, salads & wraps, and sides. They have fish plates, soup & chili bowls, flamed broiled chicken sandwiches, shakes and fountain drinks and desserts. The sides are onion rings, chili cheese fries and crispy zucchini.
For comparison with other fast food restaurants, I tried the Farmer’s Burger. It has 1/2 lb of flamed-broiled burger patty topped with double cheese, hickory smoked bacon and fresh avocado and greens. The burger tasted good and not greasy like other hamburgers. The greens are fresh and crispy and the flamed-broiled burger patty makes them stand-up above the crowd.
For the side, I ordered the crispy zucchini which is heavenly. It is a battered wedge of zucchini and deep fried. I ordered the real strawberry shake. The shake needs more strawberry otherwise it is passable.

CLEANLINESS: The Irwindale outlet has a letter grade of “A” from the state of California. Their men’s restroom has paper towels soap and warm water although the restroom may need some extra scrubbing. The tile grouts are dark.
STAFF: The staff is friendly and quick. Orders are taken at the counter and your food is delivered to your table. I had my food after about ten minutes.
Overall, this fast food restaurant is worth going back to. Food is fresh and tasty with a lot of selection, and staff is friendly.
Next time, I will try their breakfast items and maybe their soups. They claim each egg is cracked by hand to make their farm fresh 3-Egg Breakfasts and Omelets. I will also try their onion rings. They claim it requires 21 steps to achieve their great onion rings which include hand cutting the onions, hand dipping in batter with 2 different kinds of batter.

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  1. If you want good food and fast, Farmer Boys is the place. Love their burgers really taste and juicy and portion is big too. Great service although at times the wait is a bit longer specially during lunch time.
    I hope they open more stores/restaurants around So Cal.

  2. The fried and battered zuchini is worth going back to, their hamburger is also very good specially the meat patty it is not fried I think it is grilled which is more tastier than most burgers.

  3. Good alternative to the usual food in McDonalds. Their burger is much better and juicier than any other burger I have ever tasted.

    The zucchini deep fried and battered is so good.

  4. I have tried their burger when I was in So Cal. I love their burgers, it is juicy and savory. McDonalds can’t even come close to Farmer Boys. They should build more of their restaurant outside California.

  5. As far as ambience and service, it’s a fast food place but not your typical chain burger place. The food taste so good and looks like it is prepared in a home kitchen and not on an assembly line like most burger chains.

  6. If you get the combo with fries or zucchini just know that the fried zucchini is very large, we are talking about like a quarter of a zucchini large, they are humongous and very good. The onion rings are different from the usual onion rings but so delicious!

  7. It’s a fast casual restaurant. Like you order at the front, get handed a number, seat yourself, and your order is delivered to your table. They have actual silverware or plastic baskets when you dine in. Decor is modern for the newer restaurants but the older ones are really kitschy and very country and looks funny with their fake plants and stenciled walls.

  8. I don’t come here often, but when I do it’s usually to grab a breakfast burrito. I love how they prepare the burritos with meat, cheese, eggs, & hash browns. You can tell you are eating fresh product. I’ve also had their BBQ chicken salad. It’s WAY too large for me to consume, so I usually get the BBQ & dressing on the side so I can finish the salad with dinner. And the best of all is the battered cucumbers soooo good. You definitely get what you pay for at this place.

  9. I have been here many times over the years with all good experiences, especially when you don’t just get the standard hard shell taco or enchilada meal…unless that is what you really enjoy, then have at it. This is the best place to get Mexican food. The menu also seemed to have been revamped and streamlined…thumbs us there too. I really recommend the seafood combo plate and the fajitas gigante. The plating of the food has improved and everything looks delicious as they bring it to your table and better yet tastes great. Great chips and salsa that make it hard not to fill up before the meal arrives.

  10. I have tasted their burgers and I would say one of the best burgers, the patty is juicy and very flavorful and the vegetables are really fresh.

  11. If you’re looking for a place to relax, catch up on life and have a good burger, Farmer Boys is the place to go. Check out their specials as those are always good deals. Best burger in SoCal.

  12. They take a little longer to serve your meal and the prices are high for fast food but the food is really great and most of their locations are clean and neat. Their crew are very friendly.

  13. Not sure whether Farmer Boys is leaning more towards fast food or a casual restaurant, you order your food at the counter but they deliver your food to your table. I really like their décor it looks very homey.

  14. Of all the burger places in SoCal, Farmer Boys is my favorite, meat patty is specially prepared very juicy and flavorful. Their decor though needs to change.

  15. Farmer Boys is one of the best burgers I have eaten but not as good as In N Out, to me In N Out is the standard for burgers. What I like best with Farmer Boys is the meat patty which is very flavorful as it is grilled and not fried like most burger patties are done.

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