King Taco

King Taco is a fast food restaurant offering Mexican food with soft taco as the specialty. The restaurant chain is based in Los Angeles. Other than tacos they also serve burritos, sopes, nachos and Mexican drinks such as Jamaica, horchata, and tamarintdo.

DSCN0397They have at least 20 restaurants mostly in Los Angeles county most of which are concentrated in areas which are predominantly Mexican American. Additionally, King Taco has expanded with locations in the Inland Empire, Ontario and Fontana. Although it is a chain restaurant, their restaurants still look “family” owned unlike other chains like McDonalds, Taco Bell etc. Their walls are decorated with paintings with Mexican theme but they look rather “cheap” but I came here for the food not the paintings and other decors hanging on the wall.

For this review I visited their Lynwood location along Long Beach Blvd. during lunch. This location is quite large at least twice as large as most fast food chains. It is clean and looked well maintained. The place is a little bit crowded but since they have several cashiers DSCN0393taking orders, it went very quick.

I ordered 4 soft Carne Asada tacos which came with chopped asada beef, chopped onions and cilantro. There are 2 choices of sauce: red which is hot and green which is the milder version. I asked for the green and it was hot. The red must be super hot. The tacos looked small compared to traditional Mexican tacos but all four tacos of them filled me up. The meat is very tender and juicy; onions look and tasted very fresh and so with the cilantro.

Carne Asada Taco

Next time I will try the other items like the sopes and maybe also try their tamarindo drink.

Overall, King Taco is very good and worth going back to. It is cheap with very good food. The food is authentic unlike large chains like Del Taco or Taco Bell.

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  1. Their carne asada taco is by far one of the best taco I ever had, the meat is tender and succulent, very tasty, and they use fresh onion and cilantro which makes their taco one of the best.

  2. I have been to several locations and they are certainly noteworthy as a franchise business for making traditional Mexican dishes however it misses the mark for authenticity, their food is mainly for mainstream customers. Flavors and taste are delicious, prices are reasonable but with so many other choices. Not sure if the salsa is made fresh but it definitely has a bite though they are very good and mildly hot which I love.

  3. King Taco brings out the best of chain restaurants but still maintaining a quality selection of Mexican foods, service is quick and efficient like most fast food restaurants and also consistent throughout locations. With that comes a great selection of meats in the form of tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and my personal favorite: sopes and taco spacially the carne asada.

  4. King Taco is the best their tacos are juicy and very tasty although most of their restaurants are so crowded specially during lunch and dinner time.

  5. I always go back at least once a month, the tacos and supes are heavenly, been a fan of King Taco for several years.

  6. I have been to King taco several times. The burritos have always been smaller than the burritos at other Mexican restaurants but they are so good. The carne asada tacos are to die for, the meat is so tasty and juicy and the onions and cilantro are so fresh.

  7. The best place to get Taco in LA it gets’ crowded though during lunch time. I always get the carne asada taco but I sometimes get the asada sopes which are also great.

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