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Sicha Siam Thai Cuisine in Eagle Rock district of Los Angeles is a small Thai restaurant in a strip mall. We have been going to Sicha Siam for several years now, often we order for delivery.

Sicha Siam offers a wide range of a Thai food; la carte entrees and combination plates. They offer a choice of chicken, pork, tofu and vegetables. They have selections of soup, salads, curries, and seafood and noodle dishes.

Appetizers include vegetable egg rolls, fried tofu, fried wonton, steamed dumplings, shiu mai, shrimp rolls (marinated shrimp wrapped in wonton), chicken and beef sate’ and butterfly shrimp.

Their best soups include:

  • Tom Kha, hot and sour broth with coconut milk, mushroom, chili and herbs with a choice of vegetables, tofu and chicken
  • Tom Yum, hot and sour broth with mushroom, chilli and herb
  • Vegetable tofu soup, a light clear soup with tofu, bok choy, scallions, and carrots
  • Not on their menu but have always ordered is chicken rice soup, clear light soup with chicken, bok choy, broccoli, carrots and    garnished with scallions.

For their best salad, try:

  • Apple salad, crunchy apples (combination of red and green apples), with roasted peanut and tangy dressing
  • Yum Nua (beef salad), grilled and thinly sliced beef, lettuce, onions chilli and spicy lime juice dressing

I have always ordered the following entrees:

  • Prik King, choice of meat, tofu or shrimp sautéed with green beans with curry paste
  • Garlic, with a choice of tofu, meat or shrimp sautéed with garlic, pepper, carrots and broccol

For curry, I have tried the green curry with chicken or beef. It has green chili curry with bamboo shoots and coconut milk.

I have tried the beef sate combo. It is marinated chicken skewered and grilled. The dish comes with 5 skewered chickens, shrimp fried rice, and pickled cucumbers. The peanut sauce is very good. But like most chicken dishes, the chicken is a bit dry; the peanut sauce definitely helps. I have tried the ginger fish combination but I am not very impressed.

Chicken Rice Soup

Their Ro-Ti desert is a Thai version of crepe with peach stuffing. The sticky rice with coconut milk custard is very good too.

Sicha Siam is recommended. The food is good but not exceptionally great. The service is very good; it is also a good thing that they deliver.

Address: 4403 Eagle Rock Blvd., Los Angeles, CA  90041

Their website is

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  1. Small Thai restaurant in Eagle Rock but don’t be fooled with the restaurant size, the food is good and service is efficient. The one I like best is the apple salad which is sweet and savory, yum.

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