Zacky Mediterranean Grill

Zaky Mediterranean Grill is a fast food restaurant offering Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food. They have two locations: Rancho Cucamonga and Upland.

Zacky Mediterranean 3The menu includes sandwiches, combo plates, salads and appetizers, and desserts. The sandwiches are beef, lamb, chicken and vegetarian wrapped in a Pita Bread. The meats can be cooked Shawarma or Kabob style. as are slices of meat that are grilled in a vertical “spit”. Garlic sauce, slices of onion and tomatoes are added to make the sandwich. For the Kabob style, cuts of meat is skewered and grilled on open flames.

The plates menu is basically the same as the sandwiches but it comes with Hummus, pickles, pita bread and rice or French fries. The meats are prepared the same as the meats for the sandwiches.

The salad menu includes tabbouleh, Greek salad, chicken salad and fattoush (romaine lettuce with slices of cucumber, tomatoes, pita chips, herbs and dressing).

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I had the Shish Kabob plate which came with grilled beef, hummus, rice and pickles. The beef is really tender and savory, it is well seasoned. It is almost “well done” but it is not chewy at all which is typical of well-done beef. I didn’t care much of the rice, most Middle Eastern cooking uses Basmati rice. Zaky does not use Basmati rice.

The food portion is really big for the plates. I did not try any of their deserts, I was full by the time I was finished with the Shish Kabob plate. Next time I will try the sandwiches so I have room for the deserts (baklava and knafeh).

All their food is made from scratch which makes it taste like home-cooked food. They also use fresh ingredients and the beef is “100% USDA choice”. All of this makes their food delicious.

The food is not only delicious but also healthy as well. Everything is either grilled or rotisserie (for the chicken).

Overall, Zaky Mediterranean Grill is recommended and worth your money.

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