Gingergrass Fresh Vietnamese Cuisine

Gingergrass Fresh Vietnamese Cuisine is a Vietnamese restaurant in Silver Lake district of Los Angeles. They offer fresh and healthy Vietnamese cuisine; fresh herbs, vegetables, meats, seafood and dipping sauces. Their food is a combination of complex and delicate flavors.

GingergrassBeing in Silver Lake, the ambiance is hip, modern, minimalist and relaxed with Asian twist. There are hints of Vietnamese décor but overall, it is modern and hip. It is very Silver Lake and trendy.

We started with Fresh Summer Rolls as appetizer. It is made with shrimp, roasted pork, lettuce, vegetables and herbs rolled with paper rolls. The rolls came with peanut sauce which taste very homemade and light. With the herbs and peanut dipping sauce, this appetizer has many layers of taste, complex yet very refreshing.

Gingergrass 2 For the entrée, I choose the Free-Range Chicken. It is a bowl of grilled chicken on top of rice stick noodles and shredded lettuce, pickled vegetables, cucumber, herbs and sauce (nuoc cham). The chicken is really tender, juicy and well seasoned. The vegetables are fresh unfortunately the rice stick noodles are very soggy. The noodles may have been prepared for some time and sitting on the bowl with the sauce. Except for the soggy noodles, the dish is good.

Although the food is good, it is not entirely authentic Vietnamese cuisine. The taste is has some hints of Thai food. Some of the foods are not really Vietnamese. The Krupok (shrimp chips) is a staple of Indonesia. The peanut sauce is a staple of Thai cooking.

The water they use is not from the tap. It is a called Waiwera, a bottled artesian water from New Zealand and it is free.

Gingergrass is a good place for Vietnamese food. The ingredients they use all look very fresh and also healthy, some are organic, natural and free-range.

With the healthy and fresh food they are offering, the price is really cheap. It is a great place for a quick and casual meal.

Parking is not a problem at all. The parking lot across the street is huge.

Gingergrass is located at 2396 Glendale Blvd., Los Angeles, CA  90039. Their website is

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