Empress Pavillion

Empress Pavilion in Chinatown district of downtown Los Angeles is a Chinese restaurant offering dim sum.

Empress Pavillion 4Dim sum refers to a style of Chinese food prepared as bite-sized and steamed or baked and served in steamer baskets or small plates. The serving sizes are usually small and served as three or four pieces in one dish. Because of the small portions, you can try a wide variety of dim sum.

Dim sum is an integral part of Chinese cuisine and closely associated with the tradition of drinking tea or yum cha. It is usually served in the late morning for brunch through the early afternoon.

Serving of dim sum is done with rolling carts. A specific type of dim sum is used for each cart. Each table is given a card where the orders are stamped. For sauce, a combination of red pepper paste and mustard is placed in a small sauce plate.

I have been going to Empress Pavilion for several years now. It is usually crowded on Empress Pavillion 3weekends; at least an hour of waiting. Not this time; we were seated immediately.

Empress Pavilion is located in Chinatown district of downtown Los Angeles. It is a huge restaurant that serves mostly dim sum but other Chinese food can be ordered from the menu.

I would say their dim sum is good but not overly excited about it. The food is not good but not bad either; I would say in the middle. The taste is a bit bland for my taste and the wrapper they used for the dumplings are so thin it breaks when picked up with chopsticks.

Empress Pavillion 2The restaurant itself is uninviting and I am not sure about the cleanliness; they have a grade of “B” from the Los Angeles health department. While a grade of “B” is not so bad, I would prefer eating in a restaurant with a grade of “A”.

One good thing is the service. The ladies pushing the dim sum carts are really nice, friendly and efficient too. They seem to be around all the time.

There are better places for dim sum but overall, Empress Pavilion is worth going to if you happen to be in the area.

Their website is www.empresspavillionchinatown.com

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  1. Been to Empress Pavillion several times on a Sunday to get dim sum; one of the best place to have dimsum that is not in the San Gabriel area which is the real China town in the Los Angeles area.

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