Gus’s BBQ located at Fair Oaks Street in South Pasadena has been serving Southern BBQ food since 1946. It is a landmark BBQ place in South Pasadena.

Their food is Southern BBQ inspired from their appetizers (spicy smothered hot wings, bbq quesadilla, Asian bbq spare ribs), soups and chili (southern smokehouse chili), greens (smoked turkey and barley, bbq seared steak salad, bbq shrimp salad), and entrée’s (southern fried chicken, gumbo, blackened rib eye, fried catfish & chips, smoked sausage, pulled pork,  and fried chicken & waffles).


Gus’s BBQ offers breakfast during weekends, lunch, and dinner. Food can also be ordered to go; online ordering is also possible.

I went to check the place on a weekend and had lunch. The place is your typical diner with typical food (on their case southern comfort food). Sitting is like your typical diner, on a booth or on the bar if you are alone. The décor is typical diner with a little touch of hominess.

Ordered the Gumbo for comparison to other restaurants offering southern cuisine.  The food was served a few minutes after ordering. It came with chicken, shrimp, Andouilli sausage with white rice and okra; the okra is battered and fried which is unusual. The food itself is not very exciting, it is bland and needed a lot of hot sauce and salt and worst it is not warm at all. I tried their house sauces which are not spicy at all. The rice looks like it has been cooked the other day. Portion size is just alright, not too much and not too little.

One good thing about the place is the service. The staffs are very nice and efficient.

Overall I was not impressed at all. The food is typical diner food (i.e. bland). Southern comfort food is usually savory with some spiciness. Their food is far from savory and spicy. I am not into spicy foods but I like my southern comfort food with a little bit of spiciness.

Their website is They are located at 808 Fair Oaks Ave., South Pasadena, CA  91030.

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  1. I agree with your comment on their food, it is bland and so very diner that you need a lot of sauce to wake their food up, It is supposed to be Southern food and Southern food are never dull and bland, Southern food is complex and a bit spicy and never dull.

  2. If you plan to dine at Gus BBQ on a weekend make sure you have reservations the wait is quite a while which is understandable as food food is really great and delicious, the service is good and a good ambiance too.

    Its a bit pricy but worth it. The meats are tender, specially like their cornbread, not dry at all. Their sauces which are I think “homemade” are super delicious and goes well with their meats.

  3. Went to try Gus BBQ as I have heard and read only good things about this place.

    I had the the fried chicken and it was amazing. It is very tender, savory and juicy inside and the outside is crispy and no sauce needed. The service is very good too, servers are very friendly, truly friendly.

    I am not a bbq expert so I only had the fried chicken. Was not disappointed at all.

  4. They have very good food for me me the biggest letdown are the sauces, didn’t really like any of their sauces. The vinegar is too much vinegary and the spicy is just ok.

    Their meats though are very good and don’t need any of their mediocre sauces.

  5. This is a great place in South Pas to get southern comfort food, the service is great, crew very nice and helpful.

  6. There are better place in SoCal to get Southern comfort food, the food here is not bad at all although you can say their food is the “diner” version of Southern comfort food. It is bland and very “American” or perhaps very midwest.

  7. Love this place, best place in South Pasadena to get Southern comfort food. I specifically love the pulled pork, very savory and succulent. Only complain is the line specially during dinner on a weekend so making a reservation is always recommended.

  8. The food is alright but the portions are not that big the baby back ribs is good with really soft meat, tender but portions is not so big,

    You need to make reservations if you want to visit the place during weekends and dinner as the line can get very long. Service is alright, not super great but not sucky either. Overall Gus BBQ is alright.

  9. Went there on a Wednesday and although it is not busy the service is really super slow but other than the slow service the food is great.

    Got the ribs bbq and they were really tender and savory and really enjoyed it very much. My friend got the pork and said the pork is plain and needed some bbq sauce to make it enjoyable. Overall thye place is good for bbq.

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