Fosellman’s Ice Cream

Fosselman’s Ice Cream Co. is a family owned and operated ice cream shop. It is a full-service, old-fashion soda fountain that offers both sit-down and to-go items with over 48 flavors of ice cream. They offer ice cream by the scoop, pints, half gallon, ice cream cakes and sandwiches, yogurts and sorbets.

Besides ice cream they offer typical soda fountain items such as root beer floats, ice cream soda, shakes & malts, smoothies, sundae, and banana split.

There are 2 types of ice cream; premium and super premium. Premium ice cream is less dense as they contain more air and less fat content. The super-premium type is denser and has higher fat content and has less air content. Haagen Daz and Ben & Jerry’s are the super-premium variety. Fosselman’s makes the super-premium type that’s why their ice cream is really creamy and dense.

The shop has the feel of a mom & pop shop; it does not have the feel of a corporate owned shop. Corporate owned shop and fast food restaurants are brightly lit with bright colors. Fosselman’s has the feel of a small-town shop.

Besides the usual flavors of ice cream, they have tropical inspired ice creams (taro, lychee, mango). They are located in Alhambra in the San Gabriel Valley where there are a lot of Asians. The taro ice cream caught my eye with its purple color. It is creamy and not overly sweet.

Taro is native to Southeast Asia and is cultivated for food. The corms have a slight purple color and usually roasted, baked or boiled. It contains sugars which gives a sweet and nutty flavor. It is starchy with very fine grain which can be made into sweets like ice cream.

Fosselman’s Taro ice cream is creamy, nutty and with a very smooth texture. The color though looks darker than it should be; pretty sure they added food color.

Fosselman’s ice cream must be one of the best ice creams I have tasted.

They are located at 1824 West Main Street, Alhambra, CA 91801 and their website is

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  1. Love this ice cream place always pass by here every time I am in the San Gabriel Vallet they have a variety of flavors and the ambiance is typical of an ice cream parlor from decades ago it is a wonderful place.

    Try this place if you are in the San Gabriel Valley, Alhambra area. Good ice cream and friendly crew this place is a must try.

  2. The best ice cream in town:
    1) Smooth
    2) Rich
    3) Very dense which means it has little air not unlike grocery sold ice cream
    4) Good service, crew are very friendly
    5) etc…etc….etc

  3. I have been to Fossellman’s a few times and love their ice cream, It is very decadent, dense not airy like your ice cream from the Supermarket. It is very smooth and dense.

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